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Introducing the Pdoc Tech SharePoint Mapper!​​

The Most Flexible Indoor GIS Mapping Solution Available!




The SharePoint Mapper combines two great technologies, SharePoint and Bing Maps to bring easy, flexible and cost efficient mapping to you.  No more need for large, expensive cumbersome GIS applications to accomplish mapping tasks.  The SharePoint Mapper puts easy to use tools to work for you.

Now Available in Beta! for details.
  1. Great looking maps in minutes with custom icons, shapes and custom information boxes.
  2. Use your own artwork and custom maps hosted in the SharePoint Mapper to provide a completely custom look.
  3. Create great looking map based location directory systems.
  4. Map your business. You can show locations from around the globe and on the same map show detail all the way down to desks in an office.
  5. Highly customizable platform that allows for rapid map based development.



For a more detailed look at the SharePoint Mapper visit The SharePoint Mapper!​




Live Demonstrations

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