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​​Yes, I want to use the SharePoint Mapper and Bing Maps!
​Help me choose the right solution.

Requirement:  We have SharePoint running in our organization and want to use the SharePoint Mapper!  We realize it can save time and money on almost any mapping project.

Solution:   Use SharePoint Mapper Enterprise!


Requirement:  I just want a great looking map I can add to my public website.

Solution:  Use the hosted version of the SharePoint Mapper and embed the map in your current page.  Low cost, full featured.  A great way to meet your needs with no development cost and only the setup time required to design and configure your map.  We can assist you with the design and configuration as well as custom features if required.

Requirement:  I need a map to meet some specific business requirements.  Although we might have some public maps, we will 
most likely also have some propreitary maps that will need restricted access.

Solution:  You can still use our basic hosted solution.  Our hosted solution offers both public access as well as restricted access models.  In your hosted environment you can assign access levels to to different pages to meet your needs.

Requirement:  I need mapping to be used with our business and perhaps shared with our partners.  We need to make sure there is no public access to our data.  

Solution:   Again, you can still use the basic hosted version, however we can also provide you with more of a heavy duty solution at this point as well, including your own domain and separate web application.  The heavy duty hosted option provides you with your own SharePoint portal which will allow for greater flexibility.

Requirement:  Ok, I want an Enterprise and complete control.  My Business doesn't haven't SharePoint, how can you help?

Solution:  We can provide you with a cloud hosted version of SharePoint that includes the SharePoint Mapper.  This requires setting up an end to end solution and is done on an indivual basis.  Contact us​  to discuss this option.