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SharePoint Mapping Solutions​​

Pdoc Techs SharePoint Mapper 

The Most Flexible Indoor GIS Mapping Solution Available!

Save time and money by using The SharePoint Mapper

The SharePoint Mapper allows you to easily enable Bing maps in your SharePoint solution and on the web.  

The platform provides a large base of functionality that can be used out of the box to meet many GIS mapping scenarios.  In addition the platform provides the flexibility required to meet unique demands.   Using a combination of common web and SharePoint development technologies and practices the platform can be extended quickly and efficiently.  In many scenarios the platform provides an "almost done" level of functionality, leaving a small amount of work to complete.  

The SharePoint Mapper will easily save any project hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars.

Add custom icon and detail popups to a map in minutes! 

Simple map controls allow for the easy creation of custom maps.  Do you need your own logo or custom pin added to a Bing map?  This can be accomplished in under 10 minutes.

More complex scenario?  Check out our "Top Ten" list of possibilities.

A top ten list of SharePoint Mapper solutions:
  1. Building Directory System (e.g. conference rooms, offices, restrooms ).*
  2. Personnel Directory System (What desk or cube is a person assigned to?).*
  3. Equipment Directory (Where is a color printer?  Where can I find a fax machine?).*
  4. Corporate or University Campus Directory (a hierarchical directory of campuses, buildings, parking lots, etc).* 
  5. Custom map hosting.  Use your own map/artwork hosted inside the Bing maps control. *
  6. Business directory with custom map.  A downtown business association showing member businesses.*
  7. Event management with custom maps and signup forms.
  8. Storage rental management.  A map of storage facilities with each facility having all units mapped to track available and rented units.
  9. Construction/property management associated with work orders.
  10. Conference center management.  Allow uses to browse the facility on a Bing map and make reservations.     
         * Out of the box capabilities.

In the end the question becomes is there anything I can't map?  The answer is that the SharePoint Mapper is very powerful and highly customizable.  

Live ​Demonstrations

There are several live demonstration available:

Do I need SharePoint?  I want to use this solution in my website.

No, you do not need SharePoint, the SharePoint Mapper is available as a hosted solution.  You can create you mapping solution on our system and add you map to your website from a url on or site.  We can help you with this.

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Do you have a software product or SharePoint that you would like to add mapping to?  We are always interested in integrating the SharePoint Mapper with other solutions.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities. Contact Information